My work with YOGA and AYURVEDA

Everyone has a personal wish that moves them. Usually it is the desire for exchange, for health, for more vitality.

Nina Weber

Ayurveda and yoga can help us be more conscious in our lives and direct our energies in the right direction. We will work together and explore what may still be holding you back from doing so. I will instruct and give you advice regarding Vedic health education, life philosophy, nutrition, meditation and yoga practice….

… so that your heart’s dreams come true.

Let´s make your Yoga personal – online! Its one – on – one time. My courses can be held online through skype and zoom. I offer guidance in Ayurvedic nutrition, health, and lifestyle choices.

  • Detailed medical history (anamnesis) according to Ayurveda
  • Constitutional determination
  • Constitutional recommendations for lifestyle
  • Tips for activating the metabolism
  • Nutritional advice with detailed recipes (focus on spice suggestions)
  • Keep moving & be happy with yoga
  • Individual and personalized yoga classes online
  • Yoga workshops and yoga experiences for groups
  • Creation of individual yoga flows and exercises for a daily routine
  • Instructions and advice on how to increase and focus more on your motivation, strength and well-being

About me

I call many places home. I was born in Cologne, Germany but grew up in Italy, and Switzerland. My personal yogi journey began when I moved with my family to the culturally vibrant and environmentally rich country of Costa Rica. My teaching journey started soon thereafter as I was able to fulfill my heart’s desire, opening my own yoga school directly in front of the Pacific Ocean. Prana pure! It was in this unique environment where I was able to gather experience; coaching and teaching people from all over the world. Since 2010, I have been active in Cologne again, continuing to teach yoga and also using the experience and knowledge I have gathered to advise in Ayurveda – Ayurvedic lifestyle. I travel as often as possible and at the same time have arrived within me – together with an open and loving attitude towards the world we live in. At the bottom of my heart, I truly feel like a global citizen. My roots are in dance and free movement. From there I found to yoga early on. I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teach with a lot of personal commitment and enthusiasm. A well-rounded integral Sivananda yoga teacher training is my main foundation. Many wonderful teachers accompanied me on my way through workshops and further training. These include internationally renowned luminaries such as Baron Babtiste (Power Yoga), Mark Whitwell (Yoga of the Heart), Shiva Rea (Yoga Trance Dance), Gurmukh (Kundalini Yoga) as well as many others. They helped me create my own yoga style and continue influencing me as I developed it further. I am very grateful for that. They were and continue being my inspiration. The pursuit of balance, on a physical-mental level in yoga, is what made me search for an individually tailored diet and lifestyle. I found this in Ayurveda. In essence I was able to round off my knowledge by training as an Ayurveda nutritionist and Ayurveda health consultant. The combination of Ayurveda and yoga practices creates a holistic balance on a physical, mental and emotional level.

About Yoga and Ayurveda

EVERYONE can practice yoga no matter how old, strong or agile someone may be. Yoga leads us to the path of self-knowledge, Ayurveda to self-healing. Yoga is about your own perception, about feeling! Whilst doing the exercises we do not only mobilize our musculoskeletal system, but also achieve control over ourselves, especially by concentrating on breathing. Whilst we use our body in yoga movements and exercises, these serve to achieve peace and balance in the mind. We feel the direct connection between the physical and the emotional-mental state and seek to balance these two. Ayurveda brings physical functions and processes back into balance. According to Ayurveda, everyone has a basic constitution of three different bioenergies, the doshas.

3 dosha’s

Vata controls the nervous system, breathing and all movements in the body.

Pitta regulates metabolism and digestion.

Kapha stands for rest, endurance and immune strength.

Each person has a very individual composition of the three doshas, with one or two doshas often prevailing. The treatment in Ayurveda is based on this individual constitution with movement exercises, nutritional recommendations and daily routines. The basic constitution can change in the course of life. The goal is to keep getting balanced or to stay in balance. The perfect physical and mental healing, the perfect realization of our true nature, combines yoga and Ayurveda in an inseparable unity. This offers us an astonishing path to more balance, harmony and joy.

News for the current occasion

Let´s make your Yoga personal online! One-on-One Time For those who are looking for peace and relaxation in these uncertain times, yoga is just the right thing. In contrast to online group courses, one-on-one teaching also allows very focused attention and individual support.

Online Ayurveda lifestyle coaching VIA Skype and Zoom

Current topic: Strong immune system

I would be happy to make you an individual, non-binding offer and answer your questions. Please call or send me an email so that I can clarify everything in more detail.

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Nina Weber